Liquid Web – WordPress managed hosting

Liquid web offers various types of products. In this review, we will look at the Managed WordPress site’s hosting plan.
The following key features are available for this hosting.
  • No pageview/Traffic costs

    Have you ever been hosted and then you are charged extra because of your traffic? Then you should not worry anymore. With WordPress hosting, there are no extra charges. You can enjoy limitless traffic at just your sign up fees.

  • Full server access

    With this, you are given FULL ACCESS to the server as well as your database

  • No annoying phone calls

    Many hosts keep calling their clients with upsells. But with Liquid web, they allow you to do your business in peace, and will always be there when you need assistance.

  • Automatic Daily backups

    With this, your back up is stored offsite for 30 days. If you want to download any data/file, it is just the click of a button

  • Staging site

    Want to test your site before going live? Then we have a solution for you. This will allow you to know of any issues you need to correct before going online.

  • Secure infrastructure

    Afraid of getting hacked? Not with Liquid Web. With their superior security features, and hosting their sites in data centers they own, run and manage, your security will be ensured.

  • Automatic SSL

    Imagine this. “Getting an SSL certificate for every site that you host, without any extra charge” This is what you get when you host with Liquid Web

  • Amazing speed

    Liquid Web platform is built on the latest technologies PHP7, SSL and Nginx to improve WordPress speed. There is also Varnish caching for everyone.

  • Around the clock support

    For most hosts, you have to get a ticket and wait for help. With Liquid Web, the support staff are always available online 24/7/365 by either chat, phone or email.

  • Fully-managed WordPress

    Worried about always having to update your WordPress? We have the solution for you. Liquid Web handles WordPress update as well as Plugins update. Therefore no worrying about any compatibility issues.

  • Developer tools

    Every developer needs the developer’s tools. Liquid Web ensures that SSH, Git, and WP-CLI are available to your developers on any site you order.

  • More than WordPress

    It is not just WordPress hosting. If you have a project that needs a database server or special application, just ask. Liquid Web will work with you to build something special to fulfill your needs.

There are even more features that are available from Liquid Web. Click here to find out more

You can get an introductory offer: 33% off for 3 Months

Let us now look at the available plans as well as the pricing:




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