The sign

I saw this and thought of sharing it with you.

I was walking home from work when suddenly I saw a sign. Slow down, men at work ahead. This got me thinking. The road we are traveling on is already bumpy which means at most vehicles can only move at 10km/hr. This means that even in case of an emergency, any driver can be able to stop the vehicle with no problem. So why have the sign then?

I realized the reason why the contractor put the sign there is, because most drivers usually don’t care whether the road is smooth or rough, they just drive fast to get to their destination. At times not even caring whether speeding may cause an accident. The sign is always a reminder that despite the fact that you may be in a hurry, just remember your action may inflict injury on someone else.

That is why at times taking your time avoids unknown harm.

Even in life, at times we are too quick to say words, not even evaluating the situation first, to know the appropriate words to use. At times you may find someone crying, and when you ask them the problem, you feel that is a very minor problem for someone to cry.

What we forget is that the person may not be crying because of the current problem, it might be that today’s problem is just a climax of all the troubles the person has had.

Instead of dismissing the problem, take your time to speak healing words to the person. At times you may just save a life without knowing.

Just like the sign, crying is a sign that the person needs a shoulder to lean on. Be the first to give your shoulder. After all, the reason why we live is to be our brother’s keeper.

And always remember that troubles are not selective, be there for someone so that when you are down, someone else will be there for you.

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