What the will the world be in the 22nd Century?

 I have occasionally fantasized about what the world will be like in the 22nd century? Whether or not I will be there, only God knows.

But have you ever been in a certain situation and then wondered, what if I was in the 22nd century (future), how would this situation be?
How would things turn out to be?

For example, assume that you are late for work, in the current times, the major headache for most people is usually traffic jams.

This unites almost all of us. But what if we were in the future? Would things be different?

With the major developments taking place, imagine a situation whereby, you don’t feel like going to work today, but you have to be there in a meeting.

With the current technology, we have things like video conferencing and the like, where you just hold a meeting, just like for Skype.

But suppose you could actually use holograms? Currently, we just hold a meeting, but what if you could be present physically, and even be able to do actual things in the office, like opening a door, typing on a computer, etc, and you are doing this right from home using holograms.

This may seem like an impossibility, although with the way the technology is advancing, I would not rule out that possibility.

We have seen movies being cast depicting how the future will look like. Could they actually represent what we are likely to see in the future?

Movies like “Minority report”, where technology is used to predict crime before it even takes place.

This appears as the ability to predict what will happen. But given that the human mind is not static, it makes me wonder, if this was a reality, would there not be wrong judgments passed?

Case in point

If you thought of committing a crime, but may be changed your mind, this would be recorded as a crime because the earlier intention was there, even though you never actually would have committed the crime.

Another movie that shows what the future would look like is “Continuum”

In this movie, an officer travels back in time from 2077 to 2012, with the main purpose of altering the future.

First of all, the ability to travel back in time using a time machine is just a fantasy for now. But is it really possible?

Secondly, how would you later time? This appears to be situations where a person actually finds that there are two or more versions of him/her.

I mean I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but this is too far beyond human understanding and will. Only God can control timelines.

The events in this movie, even depict someone being reborn again, which is not a power that human beings have.

There are also flying vehicles, which will obviously ease traffic jams, and also increase efficiency. But this is just a tip of the iceberg.

There are many more movies out there depicting what the future will look like.

In addition, scientists from every corner of the world are trying to create new things each day and alter the ones that exist including nature.

It makes me wonder just one thing, what will be world be really like in the 22nd century.

If it was possible I would like to be there to witness, what will be different in the 22nd century, that was not there in the 21st. But only time will tell.

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