Are you ready to play your role in life

Just like in a movie, we all have a role to play in this life. Some do it perfectly, while others do not even know what their role is.

Do you know your role in this life?

We are all created differently, with different talents, abilities, and characters. It is our differences that make us realize that we cannot live without each other.

The call that we all have is to be the best, and always be a light that can make paths brighter for others. Think about your life for a moment, where you are, and where you have come from.

How many times have you been assisted to get to where you are? How many times have you assisted someone to get to where they are?

The joy in life is not measured by what you have. How much money you have, how much property you have, or even what your rank in society is.

The joy in life comes from helping. The feeling that you get when someone says “Thank you.” is a feeling that makes the human life worthwhile.

Just by knowing that a soul somewhere is breathing easier because of you, you get the real meaning of life.

At times, it is the small acts in life that makes a difference. A simple act as simply saying “After you please”, may boost someone’s self-confidence by making them feel that they matter.

Just by saying “Am sorry, all will be well”, can change someone who was about to commit suicide, because it makes them feel that they matter.

I once read a quote that said: “Stop judging people, we are all trying to find our way home, each one in their own way”. This really touched me. It made me think about all the journeys that I have had so far. Through all my failures and wins, one thing was common, I was just trying to find my way home, just like everyone else.

When we choose to stand in life and take up our role, we make this movie called life a movie of a lifetime. No one’s role is too small.

Unlike a movie, we do not have to have one star, and then have all others as extras. We were all meant to shine in our own way.

That is why at times I may laugh at a joke, which you may not find hilarious at all, or maybe you laugh at a joke that I find to be so obvious. It is these differences that make life better.

It is what enables you to be there for someone who is sad and crying, and to be the pillar that someone needs to succeed in life.

But all these only remain to be virtual realities, until we decide to play our role in life.

If you ever feel the urge to just say “hi” to someone, just do it. If you ever feel like asking someone “how are you doing today?”, just do it. Without you knowing, you might be the angel that was sent to that person’s life to restore their faith in humanity.

Like I said earlier on, no role in life is smaller than the other. Life gets meaning through the small acts of kindness that we do every day.

So whatever you may be going through, or wherever you may be, just remember that the world needs you to play your role. It is never the same without you or your action in this world.

You matter to this world, as so does your role.

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