At times all it takes is pain

Chris was a talented architect, whose skills got him a prestigious job at an architectural firm. He worked so hard day and night, always delivering quality work as per his boss’s expectations. He was the role model for the other workers.

As time went by, Gideon, who was Chris’s boss got more and more clients, as the work that the firm did was very high quality, and clients started referring other clients to the architectural firm.

This was all thanks to Chris’s hard work and talent. In order to deliver the quality work that he did, Chris had to leave the office late, and sometimes get in very early. This made him experience problems as very few means of travelling were available at the hours Chris left the office and reported back.

He decided to approach his boss, and request for a company car or at least a loan to buy a car, to ease his travel. By coincidence, they met in the parking one morning as the boss was arriving at the office, while Chris had gone to see off a client.

The boss drove a Nissan X-trail. Chris indicated how he would love to own such a vehicle in future, stating how his travelling problems would be resolved. He did all this, laying the foundation for the idea he was about to inform his boss, about the company car.

The boss, who was a very arrogant man, stated proudly, “Well, I guess not everyone is blessed enough to drive one of these“. He said pointing to his car. “But unlike you, at least am happy to own one“. He added as he went towards the lift.

These words hurt Chris, especially when he remembered how hard he worked in that firm. But a boss is a boss, he could not say anything to avoid losing his job.

Chris got back to his routine, always working hard. After one week, a client came looking for a drawing to be done for them. As usual, Chris was given the task. His boss, as always indicated how the drawing should be done.

But after he started working on the drawing, Chris realized that the drawing could be done better than what his boss had indicated earlier on. He put in his creativity, and that evening took his drawing to his boss.

This must surely change his attitude towards me, or even maybe make him buy a car for me.” Chris thought to himself as he went into his boss’ office. Upon seeing the drawing, the boss was so angry as he inquired why it had changed from his earlier indication. Chris explained that he thought of a better way of doing the design.

Your work is to do what I tell you, not to think“. His boss said angrily, as he threw the design papers at Chris.

“I need the right design by tomorrow morning”, the boss added as he left for the day. That night, Chris spent the night at the office. He did all that he was told to do, and by morning the drawing was ready.

However, he never discarded the earlier design that he had creatively done. When he delivered the drawing that morning to his boss, the boss was so happy.

I pay you to follow instructions this way. I do not pay you here to think. Keep doing this, and maybe one day you will get a promotion.” Gideon said as he received the drawing.

That was it. Chris could not take it anymore. “Well, am glad you like the drawing. As for the promotion, am not really interested, as am quitting today.” Chris said.

This was no big deal to the boss. After all, there are a lot of architects looking for a job out there. He can as easily replace Chris before he even exits the building.

That day, Chris went and started his won architectural design, with the little savings that he had. On the other end, Gideon’s client came for the drawing, but was so disappointed in the drawing, that he fired Gideon.

Upon learning that the client did not accept Gideon’s work, Chris decided to give it a shot. He went and met with the client, taking with him the drawing he had done creatively.

The client was so pleased with the design, that he hired Chris to be doing his drawing work. Chris had found a purpose. He could now put his creativity into action, without any restrictions. His company started expanding as more and more customers kept coming.

On the other end, Gideon’s company was going down, as clients kept firing him. No one at his firm was as talented as Chris (Gideon’s former employee).

One afternoon, Chris met Gideon in a parking lot. They greeted each other.

“What are you doing here?” Chris asked Gideon.

“I relocated my office here. This building is great, and am hoping to get more customers by having a presentable office.” Gideon answered.

“What about you?” He asked Chris.

“Oooh, I just came to collect rent, I own this building”. Chris answered.

Gideon swallowed hard, as he remembered how he had seen Chris as hopeless when he worked for him.

After talking for a few minutes, they parted ways. Chris hot into his Rolls Royce, as Gideon went into his civic.

Moral of the story

Had Chris been comfortable while working for Gideon, he would never have started his own business and become so successful.

At times, all we need is pain, to get to our destiny.

Secondly, you should never demean someone because of their current position. You may meet that person in future, only to discover he is the one who can help you with your problems. Treat people well, and never be arrogant.


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