At times gifts are wrapped in rags

It was almost coming to the end of the month and no customers had visited the showroom. For John and Mary who were salespeople, this was bad news.

The only way to get money in their profession was to make a sale. And now for almost a whole month, no customer, no sales.

They were starting to get worried, as this might mean that there will be no salary for that month. And worse still, they would be lucky if they were not fired from their jobs after end month.

It was almost midday, when a poor man came into the showroom, dressed in rags and carrying a garbage bag.

“Good afternoon”. He said gently greeting John and Mary.

“Good afternoon to you too”. They replied.

“How much is this car going for? Can I see inside and test-drive?”. The man asked, pointing at a new model Rolls Royce.

“This must be a joke.” John thought to himself. “If he cannot afford to dress, how can he even talk about a car?”.

“Am sorry mister, by the company policy does not allow us to do that unless you are buying,” John answered the man.

“I might buy, it the car pleases me, can I kindly just get to see it?” The man insisted.

John had had enough. It has been almost a month without sales, and a poor man comes to tease him.

“Please leave the showroom before I call security,” John told the man.

On the other hand, Mary had always learnt to be patient and serve people whether or not she will get anything in return.

“Sir, let me get the keys and I will show you the car”. Mary told the man, as she went to the office to get the car keys.

Meanwhile, a man dressed in fancy clothes came into the showroom. John was so happy. “This is now the kind of people we need to visit the showroom. People who can afford to buy cars.” John told the poor man, as he went to meet the new customer. The poor man just stood there, as he waited for Mary to get the keys.

As John and the rich guy talked, Mary came with the keys, showed the poor man inside, taking the time to explain the functionality of the car, as well as its benefits. The poor man listened keenly and seemed convinced with every word that came from Mary’s mouth.

John had then just concluded discussing with the rich guy about the car and explaining to him all about it.

“I will take it.” The rich man told John. He came hurriedly to the car, took the keys from Mary who was still showing the poor man the features of the car.

“You should deal with people who can actually buy, instead of wasting your time with such losers”. John told Mary as he went off to the office to finalize the deal with the rich guy.

“Why would he call me a loser?” The poor man asked in a low tone.

“Do not mind him. You are not a loser.” Mary assured the poor man, as they completed the car review.

In the office, the rich guy gave his bank details to John so that he could do the bank transfer. The transaction was rejected by the bank, citing no enough money. John informed the rich guy the response from the bank.

“I was actually applying for a loan, and I had hoped it would be approved by the time I got here. I dress this way, in order to appear like a rich guy. Truth is, I applied for a loan to be able to buy this car.”

John was so disappointed as he went back to the showroom. What he thought would be a sale, turned out to be a fail.

He got to the showroom, and found Mary and the poor man, just completing the car review.

“Thank you so much for telling me all about the car. I will buy it.” The poor man said.

This shocked both Mary and John.

“No bank would ever lend money to a poor man like you”. John said.

“Who said anything about borrowing money from the bank?” The man asked. “I will pay cash.”

“Okay, this man is not just poor, but crazy too. ” John thought to himself.

“You see, I am a millionaire, and I dress this way at times in order for people to take me as a normal human, not a rich guy “. The man added as he opened his garbage bag.

“This is not a garbage bag, I have all the money here. Shall we do this deal?” She asked Mary.

“Of course.” She replied, not yet fully recovered from the shock.

“By the way, the owner of this showroom is my friend, I will talk to him about your promotion. you serve customers very well.” The man told Mary.

“As for you, you need to learn to treat people right, whether or not they have money. At times, the truth is hidden in plain sight”. The man said to John, as he walked with Mary to the office.

This deal was the highest that Mary had ever closed. The following day, the owner promoted her to the managerial position, while John remained as a salesperson.

Moral of the story

Never judge a book by its cover. At times you may miss a gift sent for you because you were too quick to dismiss it, when you saw the packaging. At times, some gifts are actually wrapped in rags.

You need to take time to unwrap the gift before you dismiss it. It may be the answer that you have been seeking for very long.

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