Color your life with Corel Paintershop 2020

Being an artist means coloring your world. To do the job best, you need reliable tools.

A custom-built software designed for serious artists is your answer. Corel Painter is a software that has been custom-made only for serious artists. Are you ready to take your artwork to the next level?

With Corel Painter, you will get the following features:

Blazing brushes

The new pattern pens enable you to create your original concept of art. The enhanced version of real watercolor wet brushes is able to interact with your chosen paper texture and grain. Your colors will flow and get absorbed by the paper resulting in art that looks so natural.

Color choices

Clear color choices and the temporal color selector that allows you to pin it, for easier painting. You can also use shortcuts to take samples with the Eyedropper, allowing flexibility when creating complex paintings.

Brush accelerator

This feature analyses your systems’ s specifications and configures the painter allowing it to perform optimally on your machine.

One off price

Unlike most products where you have to pay continuous subscriptions, Corel Painter, you just pay one price and that’s it.

Refined user interface

Following customer requests for upgrading the user interface, Corel has redesigned the user interface to align with customer requirements. About 650 icons have been redesigned to bring simplicity to the workspace.

This is a software that has been designed to fulfill the needs of a digital artist. Ready to get try out Painter, click here.

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