Creating Customers

In this tutorial, we will look at how to create customers in QuickBooks

Once you open the QuickBooks company file. Go to the menu section at the top and look for the “customers” option

Click on the customer’s option on the pop up that opens click on customer center, the first option.

Under the customer center, there is a menu. On this menu, look for “new customer and job”. Click on it and select  the first option “new customer”

Now let us look at the details that are needed when adding a new customer

Note that the only mandatory section here is the customer name.

The other sections are optional, i.e you may or may not fill them. These include:

  1. Address info – this refers to the physical address and the contact details of the customer
  2. Payment settings – these include the payment terms and bank account number
  3. Additional info – here you select the type of customer e.g. retail, wholesale, etc.
  4. Job info – these are the details of the particular job to be done for a customer. These include Job description, job type, start date, end date, etc.

With these few steps, you have your customer account ready and you can start inputting your transactions relating to the customer.

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