Creating Vendors in Quickbooks

In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to create a supplier’s ledger in QuickBooks.

Open your QuickBooks company file, and go to the “vendors” option on the menu at the top of your company file.

Click on “vendors”, and scroll down to “vendor center

This will open the vendors listing which shows a listing of all your vendors if any, if not the list is empty.

There is a menu at the top, under the vendor center. Look for the “new vendor” option and click on it.

This gives you two options:

  1. New vendor or
  2. Add multiple vendors

If you just want to add one vendor, select the first option, if you want to add a number of vendors, select the second option

Now let us look at the details that are needed when adding a new vendor

Note that the only mandatory section here is the Vendor name.

The other sections are optional, i.e you may or may not fill them. These include:

  1. Address info – this refers to the physical address and the contact details of the supplier
  2. Payment settings – these include the payment terms and bank account number
  3. Tax settings – this is the tax number of the supplier
  4. Account settings – here you can select the expense to associate with this supplier
  5. Additional info – here you select the type of vendor e.g. consultant

With these few steps, you will create your vendor account.

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