Creating voucher types in Tally

In this tutorial, we will look at how to create a voucher type in Tally.

By default, there are some voucher types that are always there when you create a company file in Tally.
These include Contra, Credit note, Journal, Payment, etc.

Suppose you want to create additional voucher types e.g. petty-cash payment. Then this is the process:

  1. Go to the gateway of Tally after opening your company file.
  2. Click on Accounts Info, and open it
  3. Under Accounts Info menu, select Voucher Types and open
  4. Select Create on the menu that opens up.

The sections that need to be filled are as follows:

  1. Name – this is the name of the voucher type e.g. Cheque Payment
  2. Type – this is the group of the voucher e.g. for cheque payment, the type is a payment.
  3. Abbr- this is the short form of the voucher that you are creating e.g. chq for Cheque payment
  4. Method of voucher numbering – you can either choose to number your entries manually (by selecting Manual) or you can let the system do the numbering for you (by selecting Automatic).
  5. The other fields are optional, they depend on your company file requirements
  6. Printing – You can choose to print the voucher after entry, under printing, select the option as Yes under printing
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