Don’t judge people because of their status quo

James and his wife came from poor backgrounds. Life did not spare them either, as they also ended up being poor, worse than even their families. This resulted in them being beggars on the street, where they would get assistance from well-wishers.

They had learned to just be comfortable with what they got for the day and were not worried about what tomorrow holds.

One afternoon, just like every other day, they went to the streets to beg, each person going their way. This day was not as good as the others. No one seemed to be willing to help them. After about four hours of unfruitful borrowing, James came across a rich man, who was heading to his Mercedes Benz in a parking lot.

James smiled as he approached the gentleman, full of hope that at least the man would have pity on him and give him some money. He greeted the rich man respectfully, as he used to, and then requested if the rich man had some change how could spare to enable him to secure a meal for him and his wife.

The rich man looked pitifully at James, explaining that he just had given all he had in his wallet to another person a few blocks down the street. He seemed sincere but James had just had it. After four hours of begging, all he got was just a pitiful look from the rich guy.

Out of frustration and anger, and the fact that now it seemed he and his wife would spend the night hungry, James started cursing rich people, directing his curses to the rich man who just stood there without answering.

James continued throwing words at the rich guy, indicating how the rich are selfish, they can never help anyone,  and even lie just to avoid helping out, referring to the fact that the guy told him he had given all his money to someone else.

This went on for about five minutes, while the rich man stood there, not answering back, not angry, just with an indifferent face. Then, James’s wife came from around the corner loaded with lots of foodstuffs. She was so happy seeing her husband.

Unaware of the presence of the rich man, she went on to tell James, how she had been given money by a certain rich man, and bought foodstuffs enough to last them for a month.

Just then, she turned to pick the luggage that she had just kept down, and then same the rich guy her husband had been talking to. She immediately recognized him and pointed to her husband, saying that was the same guy she was talking about. The same guy, who stood there silently as James cursed him and his fellow rich people.

James swallowed hard, as tears came to his eyes. “Please sir, forgive me, for what I have said to you. I thought you were lying about helping someone else“, James said.

It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I wish you and your wife the best of luck. But next time before you judge someone, try to understand them first“. The rich man said, as he got into his Mercedes and drove off.

James and his wife would now enjoy a whole month, without having to beg.

Moral of the story

How many times do we judge without even stopping to evaluate the situation first? What if James’s wife would not have arrived before the rich guy left?

Before you rush into concluding because “you thought this or that“, take time to listen and understand first. After all, you lose nothing by just choosing to have humanity.

That is why we are called humans.

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