Explore New York City the King’s/Queen’s way

Vacation is not just about taking the time to rest, vacation is meant to make you enjoy the fruits of your hard work. After too much toiling and trying to make things right, everyone deserves a chance to sit, relax and enjoy the fruits of the sweat. New York City sightseeing would be a perfect way to enjoy your vacation.

But how do you get it done right?

Well today, let me take you through how you get your vacation right in NYC.

NYC has a lot of attractions that will make you enjoy your vacation. Such include Central park zoo, Brooklyn Museum, Apollo Theatre, Battery Park, 5th Avenue Shopping and many others.

To really get the feel and touch of exploring NYC, you need a partner who does not just take you around NYC, but rather helps you explore NYC as a King or a Queen. This is where Top View NYC comes in.

With luxury cruise rides and memorable bus rides, you will get the feel and touch of what it means to be on top of the world.

So why choose Top View NYC?

Top View NYC offers you a ride of a lifetime. The key features include:

Luxury rides

With luxurious cruise and bus rides, you get to explore NYC like a legend. You see, it’s not just about the vacation, it’s how you enjoy your vacation to make it worth every bit of it. You need to do it in style, the right style.

Affordable pricing

Top View’s pricing has been structured to give you the ability to enjoy New York City sightseeing, while at the same time taking care of your pocket. See the pricing modules here.

Endless activities

With Top View’s guide team, there are limitless attraction sites and activities that you can do in NYC. See more information here.

Service accessibility

Top View is available from your pc, or as an iOs or android app. By having it on your smartphone or iPhone, you can access the services anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Colorful night view

With the night bus ride, you get to experience a mix of lights and colors, thus giving, you a sight that you will never forget.

Expert guide

Your exploration is guided by local NYC experts, who know every area of NYC, thus ensuring you get the best value in your vacation.


You can either choose to take a single tour or get a package with which you will explore NYC to the tune of your choosing.

Are you ready for your vacation in New York City?

Then, get book your ride here.

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