Get mass emails for email marketing for FREE

What if you had access to mass emails, how would you use them?

For email marketers, getting emails is always a tricky thing, especially for new bloggers or marketers.

But there is an easier way to get new genuine emails for free. That’s right without any payment. In this review, I will show you how to generate and verify emails for free.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your browser, and search mass add emails.
  2. On your search results, click on the option, “Mass ass email -5,000 Facebook friends fast”
  3. On the window that opens, select your filters, as shown below. Enter the capture in the capture section provided. Next, click on generate, to generate your email list.
  4. Now that the list is generated, click inside the list, right-click and copy.
  5. Open a new word/notepad and paste your emails there.

    Now that you have the list, you need to verify the email addresses that you have to make sure that they are genuine.

    The success rate of this method is over 95% accurate for the emails that you receive.
  6. Open a new tab, and search the address,
  7. On the window that opens up, you are just going to copy the email from your saved list, and paste it in the blank section as shown below.
  8. Now click on verify email address. The process takes a few seconds to complete.
  9. If the email is valid, you get the following report.
  10. Otherwise, you will get the invalid email report

With these free two tools, you can start accumulating your email list, which you can use for your email marketing needs.

For email verification, this is done one by one. But you can sign up for a plan to do mass email verification.

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