Have you found meaning in your life?

Every day you wake up and get busy living your life. But have you found the meaning of being on this earth yet? Are you looking for the meaning?

As children, we all have great goals and ideas on what we want to be when we grow up. What happens when we grow up?

Do we lose courage? Do our dreams become meaningless? Or do we simply just give up?

Look at your life and compare it with the dreams that you had when you were just a kid. Are you living the life of “When I grow up I want to become…..”.

Did you become?

Well, today I am here for all those who lost track of their “wanna becomes”, to help them find their way back.

It is not right to just dream and never realize. It becomes fulfilling when you dream, and then become.

So how do you find your way back? Well, let us look at how to.

Find out what you wanted/want to be

The journey starts when you discover where you are going. Look back at your life, what are those goals that you wanted to achieve? The places you wanted to visit? The things you wanted to do?

Once you know what your goals were/are, now it is time to find the way back.

It is never too late to become

The first thing I want to point out is that it is never too late to become. A common excuse given by people is “Am too late to do that“. Is “Late“, an age number?

Well, you can only be late if you are not interested in going after your dreams. Remember, you do not realize your full potential because someone says you should.

You realize your potential when you choose to and give all you’ve got. If it is your dream, then there is no lateness. It becomes effective when you choose that you want to get it right no matter what. That is what timing is all about.

Write down your dreams

Most times, we lose track of our dreams because they are just in our minds. When your mind becomes clogged up with too much information, you forget what even dreaming means. You get absorbed in the day to day activities, trying to make ends meet, until all you know is just a routine.

But if you have a written-down dream, it will always be there, whether your mind is on or off. That way, you can never lose track of your dream.

Keep believing that you can and will

The first step to winning is believing you can. This activates your mind and body’s potential to help you push through difficulties and challenges until you realize your dream. Otherwise, it means nothing if you start on a journey that you don’t believe you will finish. Always set your mind to believe that anything is possible.

Keep going no matter what

If you are running from a lion to save your life, would you stop because you got tired? Of course not. When you are threatened with death, you tend to find the energy to keep going even when you are super-tired.

It must be so with your dream. You must make failing to achieve it equivalent to losing life. That way, you will find the strength to keep going until you get there.

Be ready for the hard times

By default, humans are not ready to get out of their comfort zones. But being there means failure. You must appreciate the fact that finding and achieving your lost goals is not going to be easy.

It will require you to get out of your comfort zone and fight hard, in order to win. But if your goals are real, then it is totally worth it. It is not how hard the journey is that matters, is the willingness to conquer and be great, that matters in life.

Finding your lost dreams and actually achieving them is not an easy task. It will take hard toil and pain to achieve. But if you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes, then you can be assured that you will definitely win.

As the saying goes, “If you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later you will get a hair cut”.

Therefore hang tight on your dreams, and never let go no matter what.

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