How men can improve their communication with ladies

Communication is an essential factor in life relationships, to develop a deeper connection and understanding between men and women.

Not only in such relationships is it important, but also in other aspects of life too. Women are often frustrated by the fact that men do not communicate well with them. On the contrary, men are ever on the hitch that they cannot understand women.

This leads to a lot of disagreements and even ugly breakups.

There are various ways that men can adopt to improve their communication with ladies:

Read their body language.
  • Does she smile through the conversation?
    Smiling in a conversation is an indication that she is interested in conversing with you.
  • Does she appear distracted?
    Either she has some disturbing issues or she is just not interested in talking to you.
  • Does she appear touchy, leaning closer to you?
    It can indicate that she either likes you or is attracted to you. Take a step man.
  • Does she take too long to reply when texting?
    It might be that either she is busy or is not interested in you at all. This means that you are wasting your time trying to pursue her, do yourself a favor and walk away if that is the case.

These are just but the few signs that one has to observe while conversing.

Understand that each and every lady has a different love language.
  • This is especially so in relationships. Identifying your partners love language makes everything easy about communicating with them.

    There are different love languages. For example, physical touch, acts of service which include cooking, cleaning and giving her gifts, etc.

In conclusion, there is no magical way for one to use to improve their communication. We communicate differently, and the most important thing is to understand and respect is each other’s language.






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