Boost your public speaking confidence

Public speaking is one of the leadership areas that are dreaded by many. Whether speaking in an event or just speaking in a peer gathering, you need practice in order to get it right. Here, I will share some useful tips that show you how to gain public speaking confidence.

Start small

“You can only climb a tree from below”. This is a saying that clearly indicates where you need to start your public speaking journey. Before you consider addressing the big conventions with thousands of people, first practice addressing small gatherings in order to master your art.

This will give you an opportunity to master courage, and also gain control of your audience. It also allows you to relax and stay calm when speaking.

Practice and practice

This is the key to getting your art right. The more you practice, the more confidence and courage you gain. By practicing more and more, you will be familiarizing yourself within the speaking conditions, where you are the one speaking while everyone else listens. This can be intimidating at times. However, the more you practice, the more comfortable it gets and the less intimidating it gets.

Get a mentor

A mentor will help you keep going as their mere presence is enough to show you how much is possible if you keep going. It is advisable you get a mentor in the public speaking profession, as this will help you align your ideologies right. A mentor also stands as someone who will guide you through your journey until you become successful.

Network with other public speakers

No one succeeds in this life alone. You need to get other people who you are like-minded. By sharing and learning from one another, you acquire a lot of skills that you could never have got otherwise. By sharing with other speakers, you also gain more confidence, as this in itself is an art of public speaking.

Create a list of goals to accomplish

Gaining confidence is a journey, not a destination. To keep growing, you need to set goals that you will be achieving every day. You can start first of all by simple goals such as, speak in a friends gathering, then lead a meeting and keep on increasing the challenges every time that you stand to speak.

You will soon realize that every time you get up to speak, it is much better than the previous one. This will be adding more confidence to your public speaking.

Believe in yourself

Public speaking is an art. And the only way to get the art right is believing in what you are doing. This is not one of those things that you do just for the sake of it. You need to do it with a purpose.

Otherwise, you will just be wandering without ever making a real difference. Every time you stand to speak, believe that what you say will add value to your audience and that you will deliver that value the right way.

Above all, remember public speaking is a profession, just like other professions. And like any other profession, the only way to gain mastery is by doing it without stopping or giving up.

Confidence cannot be gained overnight, you need to be willing to persevere during those tough times when nothing seems to make sense, or you feel like giving up.

This is a tough journey, which is only completed by those who are daring enough.

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