How you know you are in the wrong career

Either due to pressure or simply from being misinformed, you may find yourself in a position in your career-life, where your life is heading. We have all experienced that one moment when almost everything in life seems uncertain.

This is where most people find themselves, especially after being employed for a few months.

So how do you know that you are in the wrong profession?

Below are some of the indicators that you need a career change:

You always look forward to end month

We all look for jobs to earn money. Whether in business or employment, we are seeking compensation for work done. However, there are situations where you may find that you are always looking forward to payday, and do not take time to enjoy everyday activities. This is an indication that you need a career review.

You hate Monday’s with a passion

Hating Monday is a common notion, especially for the employed people. However, there are extreme cases where some people hate Monday with a passion. This is a day where a very big percentage of the working population call in sick, just to avoid reporting to work. If you are in this category, you need to think about shifting careers.

You constantly get into conflicts with colleagues

The human mind tends to be drawn to what it likes. On the contrary, it tends to shun what it does not enjoy, to the point of blocking out other people or circumstances. Of course, conflicts in workplaces cannot be avoided, but if you keep on constantly having conflicts with colleagues, you need to rethink your current career path.

This may be a signal from your mind saying it’s time to change gears.

Clients keep complaining about your work

Even the amateur eventually becomes a professional after being in the field for some time. The more time you spend in a field, the more you gain knowledge and expertise in the field. If you, however, realize that instead of clients being satisfied with your work, they keep on complaining, you need to reconsider your career choice.

You may be fighting a losing battle, and that energy might be well expended on a more meaningful career.

You are passionate about another field

Either due to poor choices or lack of them, you may occasionally find yourself in the wrong career. When you discover you are passionate about another field that’s totally different from your current one, you need to take steps towards moving in your right profession.

Think about how much is being lost by you failing to be in your right career.

It’s morning, and already you are longing for the evening to come

As humans, we were created to enjoy life. Even the job that you do is supposed to make you happy. If on the contrary, your career has become a nightmare, and you constantly look forward to the evening while it’s just morning, stop wasting time in a sinking ship. The best you can do is at least save your life, and live to fight another day.

We were all created differently for a reason. The reason for creating a doctor was the same for creating a farmer, we were all created to complement each other.

If you find yourself in the wrong career, stop wasting time in someone else’s field, take up your field and start living not just existing.

Life is too short to have to look back and say, “What if I did”. the shortness of life means only one thing, you need to take action now.


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