KRA I-Tax Registration link tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to cover the other items under the registration link on I-tax.

We will combine these lessons into this tutorial since they involve just a few steps.


  1. Consult taxpayers register
  2. Reprint PIN certificate
  3. Withholding VAT amendment
  4. Withholding VAT cancellation
  5. E-reactivation
  6. E-dormance
  7. E-cancellation

Now let’s look at each item:

  1. Consult taxpayers register

There are times when you may not know your details on itax e.g the email address you used to register, your tax station, etc.

Using this link on itax, you can be able to obtain these details.

How to

Once you have logged in on itax, go to the registration link, and click on ‘consult taxpayers register’

On the page that opens, you select the applicant type. Here select taxpayer and click on submit.

A page is going to display, showing all the taxpayer’s details. Here you can obtain the contact details, full names and all the other details on itax including the obligation details.

  1. Reprint Certificate

Have you lost your PIN certificate and do not know what to do, then don’t worry. With i-tax getting a PIN certificate is as simple as the blink of an eye.

Just log in on i-tax, then go to the registration link. Click on the reprint PIN certificate.

On the page that opens, select the applicant type to be taxpayer. However, if you are an approved agent and want to print the certificate of your client, then select agent.

Once you have made your selection, click submit.

On the page that comes up, you will get a download link to download your PIN certificate.

Should this page refresh or freeze before you download your PIN certificate, don’t worry, a copy of this PIN certificate is usually sent to your email.

  1. Withholding VAT amendment.

This link is usually used in cases where you do a VAT withholding, only to realize that there is a problem with the withholding VAT either the amount, withholdee /withholder PIN, date, etc.

To correct this issue, go to the registration link on itax, and click on the VAT withholding amendment.

There are two things to note about withholding VAT amendment.

  • To be able to do this procedure, once must be a withholding VAT agent authorized by KRA
  • This cannot be done by individuals. i.e. PIN’s that start with an ‘A’.Non-individual PIN’s start with a ‘P’.
  1. Withholding VAT Cancellation

Have you ever issued a withholding by mistake, then don’t worry, you can undo this.

Just log in on i-tax and go to the registration link, under this select the Withholding VAT cancellation.

Just as in the VAT amendment, the two conditions listed above apply.

  1. E-Dormance

There are situations where an individual, company or a partnership may not in business and do not wish to have their PIN active for some time.

I-tax has made it possible for one to apply for their PIN to be made dormant. You just need to login to your i-tax account and go to the registration link.

Under the registration link, click the e-dormance link.

This will open the e-dormance form, under applicant type, unless otherwise stipulated, select taxpayer.

Otherwise, if you are doing this as on behalf of another party, then select your capacity i.e either legal representative or agent.

Input the PIN of the party you are applying for.

Under the tax obligation section, select the obligations that you want to make dormant.
These depend on the obligations that are attached to your PIN. It is advisable to select all obligations to ensure no accrual of liabilities.

Next, select the reason(s) for applying for the PIN dormance. There are three options: i.e. traveling out of the country, business termination or others.
If you select others then you need to specify the reason under the section that opens.

Once you have reviewed and are convinced that the details are okay, Click on submit, to submit the details to KRA.

You are going to receive a notification in your email informing you about your application. You then have to wait for the approval to be done.

You will receive a notification in your email when the approval is made.

Kindly note that the e-dormance, is also accessible from the home link.

  1. E-reactivation

When it comes to e-reactivation, the case is quite different. If you applied for dormance as the taxpayer, then to reactivate your PIN, open itax.

Input your PIN on the login screen. However, since your PIN is already dormant, you are going to be notified that your PIN is dormant.

A link then opens up to enable you to reactivate your PIN. Just follow the steps as the system is going to take you through.

But if you are doing this as an agent/legal representative, you need to login to your account, and go to the reactivation link under the registration link.

Follow the steps the system is going to take you through.

  1. E-cancellation

There are cases when you may want to cancel either your PIN or a tax obligation. This is the link that you use in i-tax.

This link is accessible through two places: either using the home link or the registration link.

Once you click on the e-cancellation link, a form opens up where you fill in the details.

If you are doing this for your own PIN, then under applicant type select taxpayer. Otherwise, select either legal representative or agent as accordingly.

Next, there is the PIN/obligation to be canceled section. Tick as appropriate. If you want to cancel your PIN the check the PIN. This automatically checks the obligations as well.

However, if you want to cancel some of your obligations, check the relevant obligations.

Next, there is a section where you select the reason for the cancellation. You need to check the appropriate reason(s) for applying for the PIN cancellation.

Once you have filled all the required sections, click on submit to submit the details to i-tax.

This automatically sends a notification to your email account notifying you of the application for cancellation.

After the cancellation has been approved, you will receive a notification in your email notifying you about the cancellation.

It is worth noting that, that you cannot cancel an obligation/PIN If there is an outstanding liability/obligation associated with that PIN/obligation.

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