Life 112

  • I just wanted to be strong, but I discovered it was already in me.
  • It might be an uphill climb, but I know got this.
  • If you always choose to look at what is going wrong, you never will get anything right, for there are always things going wrong and others going right.
  • I struggled to understand others until I realized that I was just different, and I needed to be I.
  • if you fail, just make sure you learn something new, it is the lessons from failures that eventually lead to success.
  • I may not change how the world thinks, but I can change how I think.
  • Change always begins when you say, “Not anymore.”
  • My destiny is to be great, and my will is to make it a reality.
  • No matter how many times it goes wrong, just keep believing that your time is coming. you never know how close you are to destiny.
  • Every day I wake up, I know it’s all up to me how much I get done today.
  • Greatness lies by not being supervised, but by being answerable to yourself, and still being disciplined enough to get the job done.


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