Life 120

  • If things go wrong, just hold your head high, for at times the difference between winning and failing is just a head held high.
  • The secret to success lies in the small things that are done greatly in the right way.
  • I wanted to make it right, so I made it wrong and learned my lesson.
  • I don’t just wait for the opportunity to appear, I take action to make it appear.
  • Just like a picture can say a thousand words, so will my success say a thousand wins.
  • Even when things fall apart, I know that my strength and will never die.
  • I commit to being the best, for many have come who are just better.
  • As a child never gives up until they learn to walk, so will I not until I learn to succeed.
  • The greatest strength is imagination, and the greatest weakness is imagination. What will it be for you?
  • You do not need to learn every skill on earth, you just need to perfect one skill, then success will come knocking.


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