Life 121

  • Richness lies not in material possessions, but in the level of willingness to sacrifice your pleasure so that others may enjoy.
  • The difference between the wise is fools is just attitude.
  • You can never rewind your life, but you can always fast-forward by putting more effort.
  • It is the small acts of kindness that may the great impacts in the world.
  • You know you are learning when you get uncomfortable doing something.
  • Peace and harmony are the essence of humanity.
  • Success requires someone to be irrational at times.
  • You can never succeed by being “just like”, you succeed by being extra.
  • I choose to shine my light today, no matter whether others shine theirs or not.
  • I choose to be different in a world where people are just doing enough. I will go the extra mile.
  • I choose not to wait for opportunity to come my way, I choose to go out and look for it.
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