Liquid Web – Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review

Did you know that more than 3 million stores worldwide use Woocoomerce?

Now think of it this way. What if your store would be faster than all of them?

In the online business, one aspect that customers are always looking for is speed. Remember that, no one has the time to waste waiting for a web page to load.

What happens when the web page freezes at the point of payment, or system collapses before a customer clears his/her order?

This means that customers start losing trust in your business, which results in business and revenue loss.

But with the introduction of Woocommerce hosting by Liquid Web, issues with customer trust or loyalty are a thing of the past.

The need for speed and reliability induced Liquid Web to introduce a tailor-made solution for online businesses. This kind of hosting has various key unique features which include:

Note that every store that is hosted comes with these features. We will look at the features in summary, but you can get the features in details here

  • Design

    With over 500 free e-commerce themes to choose from, your creativity is unlimited.

  • Product catalog –

    By definition, this is limitless in all its aspects. From the number of products to types of products, the sky is the limit for you.

  • Store management –

    The plan is designed to give you full control in running and managing your store. You can manage your stock, have automated related products offering, run promotions, product reviews and much much more.

  • Image support-

    Automation is the order of the day. Thumbnails are created automatically, image compressed automatically, such that your store perfect presented. It also allows manual organization such as enabling your customers to zoom the image for more clarity.

  • Optimized SEO

    How would you store generate revenue, if you just created it and no one knows about it?
    With advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your store just moves to the top of the list in search results ranking.

    This is done through keywords, custom URL redirects, google sitemaps, product schema, etc. All you have to do is create products, and the SEO will take care of letting your customers know about your products in search results.

  • Platform

    This is a dynamic platform. It allows for store storage resizing, RAM resizing, CPU auto-resizing and monitoring is 24/7/365. With this, your store automatically adjusts itself to achieve the best speed and satisfy your customers’ requirements, with minimal input.

You don’t have to spend your money in small bits trying to get, a little of this, and a little of that for your store. Why not just get a self-contained package with Woocommerce hosting.

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