Love thyself

Have you lived a life where people have always made choices for you? or made a decision for you?

People will promise you heaven and Earth, you will believe them but at the end of the day, all you get is disappointments and pain.

It is true the people who love the most end up being hurt the most. Life is not always as it seems. One day you wake up and you feel like everything has fallen out of order, you cry, you curse, you get discouraged but all you need is to pick yourself up once more and tell yourself you are stronger than that.

Love is the most beautiful and magical feeling to have. To love and be loved back is the most amazing thing ever. But why do people take advantage of the good souls?

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself what wrong you did to make someone leave so suddenly?

You beat yourself over it, trying to think what might have gone wrong? He left with no word, no goodbye, well you are not alone.

This happens to nearly everyone. Just because you are good and kind to others doesn’t mean everyone else will be to you. Many of us when in love, especially ladies fall in love too hard that we end up losing ourselves in the process of loving someone.

That’s why we end up being hurt the most. Understand that no man will love you more than God does.

Love yourself fully, know your self worth and no one will ever mess with you.

Above all trust in God, His timing is perfect and He is the Giver of everything.

Life is beautiful. Cherish the moments you enjoy most. Understand that it’s not your loss but theirs.

Be kind to yourself, things and people who are meant to be with you are with you.

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