Motivational quotes for positivity

Motivational quotes for positivity:

  • Never alight before your life destination comes
  • It is never about how many times you fall, it is the ability to get up again that counts
  • Get up one more time, it’s all it takes
  • I just try one more time, it’s the reason I go to the next level
  • Never lose your success enthusiasm no matter how many times you fail
  • Keep the fight going, you never know which punch will win the fight
  • Don’t just create goals to fill your list, create them to achieve them
  • Winners know it only takes one more step. Do you know that?
  • Live today fully, it is a day you will never get back
  • Don’t just hope to get things done, take action to get them done
  • A winner is an actor who never quits
  • Today you read stories of people who made it in life, the question is, are you writing yours?
  • The warrior knows when to regroup
  • Change your perception and help others change. It’s what will make this world develop
  • I have known defeat for so long, but I will never know failure
  • I may fail today, but my resolve about my destiny will never change
  • What you believe and act on is what you get
  • Plan today, act today, win today
  • Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t, it’s your decision on what you can or can’t do
  • I live for my destiny, nothing will ever change that truth
  • My destiny is meant to make this world better, and it is my responsibility to make sure it happens
  • I am a winner if I believe I can and will win.
  • Just like the dark gives way to the day, so will desperation give way to my success
  • It may be dark now, but I know it’s about dawn, am about to achieve my dream
  • I always believed I could, and  I actually did make it
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