Not concerned about data loss anymore.

I consider technology to be a real blessing.

From times where we had to handle all our data manually, to now where we are able to share and access data from anywhere on earth at any time, technology has really changed the game.

About 10 years ago, losing data was one of the many worries that businesses had to deal with, but today, this is a thing of the past.

And this even becomes much more simplified, when there is a technology that helps you recover any lost data, without any technical experience.

This is the technology of Stellar.

Let us look at how you can recover your lost data using Stellar recovery tools.  Click here to get see the tools available.

Recovery process:

Select option

Open the Stellar recovery application. You will see two options, Recover data and Monitor drive. Select “Recover data

Select file type to recover

This will take you to the next screen, from where you will select the file type to be recovered. If you are not sure, just click on Everything. Click next.

Select location to recover from

Now you need to select the location. You will see a listing of your available drives, select the drive from which you wish to recover from.

Scanning for files

After selecting the location, click on the scan button to scan for files in the selected location. You can either select a quick scan or a deep scan. A quick scan performs a simple and fast evaluation to locate and recover the files. On the other hand, a deep scan does a thorough review of all the disk sectors checking for all files to recover.

If you just deleted the files by mistake, then it is advisable to use the quick scan option.
If however, you lost your files unaware, or maybe as a result of a virus attack, it is advisable to perform the deep scan to ensure that you recover all the files.

Preview and recover

As the scan continues, you will see a listing of the recovered files appear. Once the scan is done, select the files that you wish to recover, or select all if you want to recover all. Click on the recover button.

Store recovered files

Upon clicking recover, a dialogue will pop up, prompting you to select the location you wish to store the recovered files. Once done, click start saving to save the recovered files.

With the above few steps, you will have your data back the way it was and you can go on with your business stress-free.

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