Our Youth – Tomorrow’s future

The essence of having youth in society is to ensure that our generation prospers. They are the future.

Their strength and will are the key factors that will make the development and advancement that we so desire become a reality. But where is our youth heading?

The other day I was engaged in a conversation with a couple of youths, the conversation was about how to make money to survive in the current society.

Their opinions were quite surprising.

To most of you, of course, this is not news. You have often heard the activities that our youths are engaged in when making money.

This is so sad considering they are the ones that hold the society of tomorrow.

Some of the ways through which this is happening are like dating sugar-mummies and sugar-daddies, strip-dancing in clubs, prostitution and other bad stuff.

As much as we are trying to make money, is it really worth it to use our bodies as sacrifices to make money?

You know when I was growing up, I was impacted with knowledge about life by my parents. This was the knowledge that was passed on by our forefathers.

But if the current generation is going to behave in such manners as we are seeing today, which knowledge are we going to be passing to our kids?

I think it is time we evaluate where our society is heading. As much as we have freedom of expression as guaranteed by our constitution, we may also need to have some moral laws to prevent decay in our society.

If we want our future generation to be upright, then it is time we plant the seeds of uprightness.

Just like a flock without a shepherd, so are our youth when we let them do whatever they want.

At one point they will end up regretting, but the parents will regret more when they remember they could have changed everything for the better.

For the parents, you need to be a role model for your son or daughter. Remember that your kids will always imitate what you do.

So if we see moral decay in our society, what does that say about us?

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