Posting transactions in Tally

In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to post transactions in Tally. For example, assume that you have made a payment and you want to record this in Tally. Then follow the following steps.

  1. When you are in the gateway of Tally- Transactions, select Accounting Vouchers
  2. This opens the voucher entry screen. You need to select the type of voucher. You can select the type from the right-hand side of the Tally screen, by clicking on the appropriate type, e.g. by clicking on the receipt if you are posting a receipt
  3. Next, you fill in the voucher number – Only if you selected the method of voucher numbering as manual when you were creating the voucher.
  4. Date – this is the date of the transaction
  5. Dr – remember that accounting entries always have two sides- “the double entry concept”. The Dr is the debit side of your transaction – e.g for payment of salaries through the bank, the DR is the Salaries ledger
  6. Cr – This is the credit side of the transaction, e.g. for the above entry, the credit side is the bank.
  7. Narration – these are the details of the transaction. For example “being payment of salaries for Jan”

The above process is a simple explanation of how to post entries in Tally.

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