Why should we hire your services?

Providing value to customers is key to business survival. Think of the question that is asked most times by customers. Why should we hire you? This is a question that you must figure the answer to for your business to survive.

But have you ever really thought about this question in detail? What exactly does it mean when someone asks you this question?

Well, this is not just a matter of you being better than your competitors, it has far much meaning. Let us examine what this really means when a customer asks you this question.

What value will you add to them?

What a customer wants to know is, the value their business will get when they hire your services. In essence, what they want to know is, is it worth it to hire your services.

Unless you can convince your customers that the service you offer will increase their value, you will not be hired. Value addition is crucial, as all businesses are always striving to be better than their competitors. You must be able to demonstrate that your services will give them a competitive edge against their competitors.

Do you have the required skills/resources

Much as you may be claiming to be the best person for the job, your customers need to know that you have the required skills/resources. Both human capital and equipment(where applicable), are factors that may make you get hired or not.

Before you meet your customer to negotiate the deal, ensure that you know the resources that will be needed, and make plans on how you will obtain them, (if not currently available) when you get hired.

Will your solution solve the customer’s problems

The customer is outsourcing because they have a problem that needs a solution. This is where you, as the service provider, need to understand what the customer’s problem is and tailor a solution to solve the problem. Very few customers are willing to pay you to try out a solution that “you think” might work. Therefore, before you even commit to scheduling a meeting with your customer, first assess whether your solution is a fit for the customer’s problems.

Be reliable

Promising a customer and then failing to deliver can be a business killer. You need to know your limits and your abilities. Do not simply promise a customer something that you are not sure you will deliver. This will not only affect your current business opportunities, but also the prospective future opportunities as well as referrals from your customers.

How flexible are you to changes

Customers’ needs keep on changing. At times you may get hired to provide a certain service, but then the customer’s requirements change after some time. The customer needs to be sure that you can come up with a plan to accommodate the changes that occur, without having to cause major inconveniences. You need to be aware that businesses are not static. They are dynamic in nature, and as such you must be ready to adjust accordingly.

As the saying goes, “The customer is king.”. You must therefore always be willing and ready to understand and provide value to your customers the right way, or else you will lose business.

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