Eye-opening quotes about life

Quotes about life

  • It’s all about what you believe, or fail to believe.
  • If you were to write about your life now, what would you write?
  • Fast forward your life and interview yourself about 10 years to come, what will be your greatest regret? Change that today.
  • What do you regret about in life, is it what you have done or failed to do, it times to put the regrets to a full-time stop.
  • I just need to keep going, I may not see the light, but I surely know that it’s somewhere ahead.
  • My goal is not to out-perform other people, but to be better than I was yesterday.
  • Don’t settle for good, if you know you are better, don’t settle for better if you know you are the best. You have no reason to shy away from your real self.
  • What will the world lose when you are gone?
  • Find your talents and gifts, the world is suffering without you using them.
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