Restarting your life to enable charging.

I just had the notification on my phone, “battery low”

I took my charger and plugged it in ready for charging. But to my surprise,  the charger started to drain power from my phone.

I disconnected and tried plugging it in again, but no success. I tried a couple of times, but each time power was draining. Then I thought of restarting my phone. Once I did that, the charger started working fine, and it was now charging. Some of you may be aware of this and maybe others are not.

But the point is not in charging or draining power. In life, at times all it takes to win again is just restarting.

It may be restarting to write that book, restarting a business, restarting your exams, restarting a relationship, restarting a job application, etc.

At times we tend to give up so easily. Remember that to win means to conquer. And you only conquer if the person/situation is challenging. After all, what would your triumph be if you did not have a story to tell.

But mostly we decide to jump on to the next boat, unaware that our boat just needs a restart. What if I decided to dispose of my charger or even phone, to acquire a new one? Then I would have spent money which I could have saved should I have tried a new solution.

Don’t give up so easily. Just restart the situation and see what happens.

At time s it only takes the flip of a switch.

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