How has social media impacted you?

This is a question that probably seems so obvious until you actually take time to think about it. Social media impacts on society vary across countries and individuals.

So if you think about your life, before and after social media, is it better or worse?

Social media has had its benefits and negatives. However, the key thing to note is that social media was invented for only one purpose. “To help people connect and share.” But as is the case with human curiosity, we wanted to know what more could be achieved via social media. As a result, we end up losing instead of benefiting from social media.

Just like any invention, it has its positive side and negative side. Let’s have a brief overview of the wins of social media.

1. Connecting people to loved ones

This was actually the main reason behind social media. It was meant to help people connect more for FREE. Currently, people are able to relate and connect from anywhere in the world.

2. Business and marketing

Another key area that has come up, is the fact that businesses have realized that it is now very possible, to get in touch with customers for free. This has opened a channel for these businesses to promote their products to customers thus increasing their earnings.

3. Collaboration

Another area that has come up clearly is how people can collaborate easily via social media platforms. This allows for more projects being completed easily and cheaply, within a very short period of time.

4. Learning and mentorship

By forming study groups on social media, a lot of people have gained through learning from each other, as well as finding mentors who have helped them through education and career life.

5. Networking and new relationships

The fact that you can get in touch with almost anyone from anywhere in the world, is a great benefit that has helped people form more relationships and create networks, which are useful both professionally and socially. This has opened a lot of opportunities for a lot of people.

Of course, everyone has been impacted in one way or the other by social media, share your experience here and learn from others what their journey has been like.


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