Spotlight indexing and SPOD

In this tutorial, am going to show you how to check if the spotlight indexing is the one causing the SPOD.

  • Launch the Activity Monitor (located at /Applications/Utilities) and select the CPU tab
  • Under the CPU tab, locate the processes with the names “mds”, ”mdworker”, or “mdimport”.
  • These are all part of the MetaData Server process used by the Spotlight app.

If these processes have a CPU activity higher than 20%, most likely the Spotlight is updating its database.

This might cause the Spinning Wheel of Death (SPOD) in your Mac.

If you have an urgent matter and cannot wait for the Spotlight to finish updating the database, turn off Spotlight indexing for a specific drive or folder. See Instructions here.

Note that, when you turn off Spotlight indexing back on, for the selected folder or drive, the indexing will start from the beginning.

This is a simple test to check whether the Spotlight Indexing is the cause of the SPOD in your Mac

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