How to succeed as a youth

Being a youth can be considered to be one of the toughest lives to live, more so in developing countries. To succeed as a youth is never easy. This is because, for youth, the struggles come in all forms and from all areas.

Maybe you are trying to make money, want to gain experience, want to shape your career (if you know what it is), you are struggling for identity, while others are taking the time to enjoy the freedom, to do the things that they have always been prohibited from doing by their parents especially in young age.

But as a youth, what does your life mean? Is it the goals, the dreams, the money, the achievements, or how do you define your life?

Well, this varies from person to person. But today we will explore the path to self-discovery, and how the youth can make themselves valuable to society by utilizing the opportunities that are readily available to them.

Disclaimer: when I talk about opportunities, I do not mean white-collar or blue-collar opportunities. I mean the opportunities that are within us.

Below are steps that will help unleash the opportunities within you, so that you can add value both to your life and society at large.

Know your talents.

For everyone who seeks greatness, this is a must-discover step. The reason why we are all created differently is that we were meant to complement, not compete with each other. You must search within yourself and discover what your talents and passions are. This is the first step to success. You have to take the time to understand yourself before you venture into the world.

Ask yourself this; If you were to do something without pay, what would it be? This will help you understand what you love doing, and thus help you discover your talents.

Look for like-minded people

You may have heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together“. This is so true. One of the key reasons why most people fail in life is because they are hanging with the wrong crew. If you want to fly high in the sky, then you must start thinking like an eagle. And the only way to think like one is to associate with one. Look for people who challenge you to get to better heights.

Learn when to say no

One man’s meat is another man’s poison“. Just because something is acceptable to others does not mean that you should do it too. You have to learn what is adding value to your life, and what is taking value from your life. you need to have principles, that guide you on where you need to say YES, and where you need to say NO.

Be ready to pay the price

“Easy come easy go”. This is a rather common phrase, yet so true. Nothing worthwhile comes easy in life. You have to be willing to work for it. Most people these days want to succeed overnight. But they forget one thing, the seasons exist for a reason.

You have to plant and water before you can harvest. To attain success, be willing to stand, even when you have no strength, to fight even when defeat seems so obvious, and to believe, even when there is no hope. For after it all, you have to face yourself and either rejoice or cry when you look at your life.

Know it’s your life, so live it

You need to understand one thing in this life, what people think of you cannot make you a winner or a loser. But how you perceive yourself determines where your life leads you, to success or to failure. Stop wasting time trying to get other people’s approval before you take action.

Just take action and let people comment. For one thing is certain, whether you do good or bad, you will always have two sets of people, your fans, and your haters. Just be yourself, and let your fans and haters just be.

Start now

For almost everyone, starting is the most difficult step to take. It is so scary when you think about all the unknowns. But the key to winning is simple, you’ve got to start now. If you have the opportunity now, why would you wait?

Always remember that opportunities disappear as quickly as they come. So you have to stay alert to take advantage of each and every opportunity that comes your way.

Above all, you only live once. Whether you live right or wrong, it is something that only you will are answerable.

So, just take time and think about this, “Are you adding value to your life, or are you taking it?”.

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