The goodness you put into the world always comes back

After being chased a couple of blocks down the street, the shop owner finally caught up with Ken. He was chasing Ken after he saw him steal an item from the shop. Today must be the fortieth day for Ken.

He caught Ken, as he was about to enter an alley.

“The world would be a better place without kids like you”. The shop owner said to Ken angrily, as he gave him a mighty slap. Ken was just 9 years old. He almost collapsed. He had not fed properly over the last few weeks, and that slap took almost all the remaining energy that he had left.

“You think you can just be lazy and steal from other people?” He added, giving Ken another mighty slap. Ken felt dizzy. One more slap would have meant the end of him.

“Today I will teach you a lesson you will never forget.” The shop owner continued. He was about to give Ken the last slap, which would have finished him when a smart looking lady interjected.

“Excuse me sir, what has the young boy done.” The lady asked.

“This brat stole from my shop.” the shop owner replied reaching into Ken’s pocket to get the product that he had stolen. It was an inhaler.

“Why did you still it?” The lady asked Ken, who had now revived a bit after the pain from the two mighty slaps subsided.

“I stole the inhaler to take to my mom. She has asthma and has been very weak of late, to work and get money to buy an inhaler or even food. I am not really a thief, I was just trying to help my mum, who is almost dying.” Ken replied.

“All these brats use such an excuse to get away with a crime. But today I will teach him a lesson he will never forget. Let me call the police first.” The shop owner said while getting his phone to call the police.

“Sir, how much is the inhaler. I will compensate you for it, you don’t have to call the police.” The lady said.

“It’s 10 dollars.” The shopkeeper said.

“Okay. Here you go. I will take care of the boy. You do not have to call the police.” The lady said, giving the money to the shopkeeper.

“Okay, but I never want to see you ever again.” the shopkeeper told Ken, as he took money from the lady and walked away.

“Hi, my name is Mary. What’s your name?” the lady asked.

“Am Ken. Thanks for the assistance.” Ken said.

“You are welcome. Am so sorry about your mother.” Mary said.

“It’s okay. I try to help her as much as I can, hoping that one day I will be a doctor and take good care of her. So why did you help me, and you do not know me?” Ken asked.

“Well, at times knowing a person is not important, but offering your help to those who need it, is the best part of being a human,” Mary replied.

She then wrote the following words on a piece of paper and gave the paper to Ken. The paper read, “Always choose to be an angel in someone’s life.”. Then Mary walked away and Ken returned home to his mother, eager to tell her the good news.

Unfortunately, he was too late, and his mother had already passed on, from breathing problems due to delay in the inhaler that Ken had gone to get. Ken was crashed. He could not believe it.

Over the next few months, darkness filled Ken’s world. Just a boy of  9 years old, and now with no one in this world, to take care of him.

After about 8 months of roaming the streets, Ken got lucky and was admitted to a children’s home, where he found other children with stories similar to his, of losing parents. He started feeling warm again, some light started coming back to him, and he was ready to dream again.

About 25 years passed by, and Mary became very sick. She had cancer, and the bill to do an operation for this disease was about $ 2 million. She had always been an employee’s earning only $ 10,000 a year. This spelled doom to her. After realizing that she was not able to pay her bill, she requested to be taken back to her home, and just wait for death.

But the following day, she woke up in the same hospital, feeling a bit weak, and yet refreshed.

“What happened to me?” Mary asked the nurse who was attending her.

“You underwent an operation ma’am”. The nurse replied.

“But how will I pay for this? I already said that I did not have enough money to pay for this.” Mary said.

“Oh no ma’am, you don’t have to pay anything. Everything has been taken care of.” The nurse replied.

“But, by who? I do not have any relatives around.” Mary continued.

The nurse was about to reply, when she heard a gentle voice say behind her, “I will take it from here.” The voice said.

It was the senior doctor at the hospital, who also happened to be the owner of the hospital.

“Sir, I do not understand why you guys went on with the operation after I stated that I did not have enough cash to pay,” Mary said.

The doctor did not answer. Instead, he went into his pocket and took a small paper. He gave it to Mary and smiled. Even though Mary was still weak from the anesthesia, she could clearly see the words. The words were written: “Always choose to be an angel in someone’s life“. Mary was puzzled.

Today, am your angel“, the doctor replied giving her a wide smile.

You mean you…you…..aa….aa…are……..the little boy“. Mary struggled to get her words.

“Yes, I am. Then you were my angel, and today, I am your angel. You do not have to worry about anything now. You will be taken care of until you are well here. Just sleep and relax, and I will come back to see you when you wake up.” the doctor said.

Mary could no longer hold her tears. The joy she got can not even be explained here.

It took her doing goodness of $10, yet be paid 25 years later with a value of $ 2 million.

No act is too small. A simple act may be all that it takes, for you to forever have a happy and long life. Do not dismiss the simple acts, they may mean the world to someone else.


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