The hanging line,posts and pegs

I was just hanging my clothes on the line today. Then I realized that in order for the line to work, it has to have at least two ends, which must be attached to two posts/(a fixed place). I noted the line can only be useful if it is attached to a support.

Then once I hang the clothes I have to use pegs to make sure the clothes don’t fall off the line. Then when I noticed I did not have enough pegs, I had to hang the clothes attaching them to each other for the pegs to be enough.

Now consider the three items, they are of different lengths,  thickness as well as toughness. But each is made in such a way that makes it useful for its purpose. Imagine using pegs as support for the hanging line, or using posts as pegs to hang the clothes. This would never work.


Even in our lives, we have the same situations. The people in our lives are different. Some are there to be support posts, others are hanging lines while others are pegs. But no matter the support that each gives everyone matters.

The problem with us is that at times we tend to use posts as pegs or pegs as hanging lines. This usually causes chaos in our lives. A simple example is where a person who was created to be an army officer ends up studying medicine and becoming a doctor. This person will have no mercy on the patients because by nature he/she is an army officer.

In order to fulfill our purposes in life we have to discover who we are, and then fearlessly take on the challenge to realize our destiny.


If a person knows how to create items of varying specifications for various purposes, how much more is God able to create a person and equip them with the right skills and character to achieve their goal. Let us not give up if we have not found our destiny yet, just remember that you will this world with nothing.

This means that if you do not use your talent, then this will just go to waste. Rise up today and be who you were created to be. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

Just do it anyway.

Things can only get better.

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