Today i choose to be the best

The journey may be tough, but am never quitting.

No matter how many times I fail, I will rise again and keep going.

I choose not to dwell on past successes or failures,

But rather choose today to create new successes,

Learn from failures, and lay a firm foundation for tomorrow’s success.

I have a great purpose for being on this earth.

I am determined and I will surely fulfil it.

No one and nothing will stop me from reaching my full potential.

It’s a vision that I was given from above,

And a vision that I must fulfil.

For no matter what happens in my life,

I will never take my eyes off the prize.

I will pay the price that it takes to get there.

I will persist even when there seems to be no hope.

I will believe even when everything else points to disbelief.

Am determined to get it right this time,

For whether am rich or broke,

Sick or healthy,

Happy or sad,

Singing or crying,

Winning or losing,

My resolve remains firm.

That I must fulfil my purpose on this earth.

Am not here to increase the world population,

Am here to give a meaning to living.

Am not here to just count as another human,

Am here to count as the human who changed the world.

Therefore today I will stand for what is true,

I will defend my cause.

I will guard my honour.

I will be a brave soldier,

A soldier who conquers the world,

Not using weapons of war,

But using a change of perceptive.

Today I choose to believe.

Today I choose to live.

Today I choose to be the best

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