Upgrading your developing country into a developed country

How do you define a developed country?

What is the key difference between developing and developed countries?

The answers to the above questions vary depending on who is answering the questions. However, one universal aspect is that developed countries are considered more advanced in almost all areas of life. So, how can a developing country enter the list of developed countries?

It all begins with an individual. We will look at ways and roles that you can play(if you are in a developing country), to help promote your developing country to a developed country.

Choose the right career

Be it in a professional field or technical field, we all have our roles to fill in society. However, there have been a lot of cases where people choose a career path, that is either dictated by their parents or guardians or maybe because its the career with the hype.

However, the only way to make sure you enjoy your career and make a positive difference in the world is by doing what you love. This is a call to those who are just getting started in their career, or in the wrong career. You need to find a career that aligns with your passion. This will ensure maximum productivity which results in better quality output.

Quality enhancement is the first step to a developed nation.

Gain more skills

Doing just good enough will not get us anywhere worthwhile. How can an athlete who never practices, compete with one who practices every day?

To transition into a developed country, we need to invest more in gaining more skills in our respective career fields. This is a key strategy that is used majorly by the citizens of developed countries.

Remember that to enhance growth, we need to be highly competitive in the world market to allow us to earn foreign exchange.

With today’s advanced technology, you need not attend a formal class to gain these skills. The training is readily available online, some of which is totally free.

Invest in collaborative-production 

No person is an island.” I reflect on this saying and realize how true it is. To better our development, we need to enhance collaboration. By coming together and each putting their best foot forward, we are able to produce high-quality products/services which strategically place us in the most opportune position in the world market.

We must understand that development is not a competition, rather it is collaboration.

Mentor and train the younger generation

Using the word “young” here, I do not refer to age, but rather in terms of the experience, one has in their field of work. Wherever you are in this experience-ladder, there are people who are below you.

By training and mentoring those younger than you(professionally-speaking), you are creating a stable profession, which is key to enhance our world-competitive-edge.

Never assume that your knowledge too little. By sharing the little knowledge you have with the others, you get to learn more, and build the foundational-knowledge upon which others can grow.

Never walk away from challenges

All the inventions you see today are a result of someone solving a challenge that they once had. The major inventions that we see today are the reasons why we have two classes of countries. The developed and the developing countries. Take up every challenge that you get as an opportunity to come up with the solution.

It is your solution and my solution which when combined, will make our country join the league of developed nations.

Build one another stop destroying

The foundation for a major success may be built by a single person, but it takes more than one person to create success from this foundation. You must learn to appreciate others, for they are the same people that you may need to create success.

Embrace the spirit of constructive criticism instead of destructive criticism.

We all need each other to advance. By you helping me and I help you, we are building each other preparing for the success that lies ahead. It is our unity that will turn our nation into a developed nation.

Be ready to pay the price

The journey is not easy. The developed countries have already gone through this journey and emerged successful. We need to appreciate the fact that, it won’t be easy to join this league.

We need to be ready to do whatever it takes to convert our developing nation into a developed nation. I am willing and ready to pay the price, and I want to call you to join me in this.

It has been too long for Africa to be called a developing continent. It is now time for us to also be called a developed continent. But it all starts with the individual country, and even deeper still, with the individual.

No matter which developing country you come from, be willing and ready to join in the battle of making your country a developed nation.

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