What are you doing to make a difference

Do you enjoy life?

We live so comfortably enjoying the goodies of life, without caring what really happened for the goodies to be available. After all, we pay to get them right?

Actually we forget one crucial fact. We only enjoy it because someone somewhere accepted the call to live their comfort zone, and dared to be different.

As a result, we got the bike, car, plane, ship, food, and whatever it is that you consider being a goodie in your life. Because they dared, so we enjoy.

What value are you adding in this life?

My question to you is this, are you in your comfort zone? What is the world missing as a result of this? Are you willing to leave your comfort zone so that others too may enjoy the goodies that you were given to bring to this world?

We all get one shot in this life, no matter who you are. You can never extend your stay in this world. You are given one shot and with it, talents and gifts to deliver. But due to the gift of freewill availed to all humans, we choose whether or not we are going to exercise these gifts/talents or not.

Learn from the best.

The likes of Wright Brothers, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King Jr, and all the greats were also once here. The reason we remember them and yet maybe know nothing about their classmates, colleagues, and friends is because they made a difference. We continue enjoying to this very day because they dared be different.

Do you ever wonder what the world will be like when you are gone? Will people remember you?

We don’t do anything because we want to be remembered. We do things because whatever is given to us can only be manifested in this world through us. Whether a song, a poem, an invention, or what it is that you were given, you are the only one who can make it a reality.

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