Where there is a will, there is a way

Dreams differ and so do destinies. Joseph was one whose dream was not just different but also made him the laughing stock of his village. To his fellow villagers, he was an idiot.

He had a simple yet complex dream. He wanted to own a multinational corporation. The only problem was that he was not even sure what that meant.

He had just heard that name from someone speaking via phone when he visited the city for the first time.

Just like every other young man from his village, he had come to the city after completing his primary school education, to hustle like his fellow young village-mates.

Being the firstborn in a family of 6 children, he was the role model for the siblings and therefore had to live up to par.

As a student, he had struggled all through his education, at times having to repeat levels, to get it right. But now that he had completed, he had offloaded the heavy burden. It was now time to give life a shot.

He got a job to do manual labor in a construction site. Joseph was not very bright in terms of education, but he had a special talent of figuring things out fast, and also an exceptionally hard worker.

He worked very hard every day. His dream was to be able to make enough money, to help his parents in the schooling of his younger siblings.

He had to go without a meal some times, to save enough money to send back to his parents to cater for the home expenses.

One day, he remembered his dream of owning a multinational company. He decided to find out what that even meant.

His discovery of what a multinational meant ignited a new fire in him.

What if he could actually make his dream a reality? Suppose he could actually travel in all those countries that he only heard of?

Suppose he could actually set the path to be followed by his siblings and the other young people from his village? Suppose he could actually be the light that brings joy to his home and village?

All these were questions going through Joseph’s mind, as he wondered about the possibilities. But then, he had no way of figuring where to start.

One day, a client came to see Joseph’s boss. He had just been sent to deliver tea to his boss’s office and happened to overhear the conversation.

“I need about 50 trucks of murram in about 2 days time. Do you have any supplier that you know who can do the work for me?”. The client asked.

“Currently all our suppliers are on a tight schedule, and the notice period is too short. Am not sure whether I can get you a supplier. But I will see if anything comes up” Joseph’s boss said.

“Okay. We just got the job very suddenly, and we have not had enough time to source for suppliers. Just let me know if you get one.” The client said.

“I have to be on my way now. ” The client said.
“Okay, let me see you out.” Joseph’s boss replied as he escorted the client.

As the client left the site, Joseph felt a deep urge to talk to the client and let him know that he would actually deliver the murram, but he feared his boss. He just watched as the client drove away.

A few minutes later, the client came back. He had forgotten his phone.

“I just realized that I forgot my phone in the office. Can you call your boss for me.” The client said to Joseph.

“Oooh, am sorry sir. My boss just left a few minutes ago. But I can get the phone for you. Please come with me.” Joseph said to the client, who followed him.

“Here you go, sir”. He said, handing the phone to the client.

“Thank you. You know I have too many things in my head right now. I just have some murram I need to be delivered and I do not know where to get a supplier. No wonder am even forgetting my phone”. The client said.

“Anyway, pass my regards to your boss when he comes back.” The client said, as he turned to leave.

“Excuse me, sir. I do not mean to meddle in your business, but I actually happen to know a supplier who can help you with your problem.” Joseph said hesitantly, afraid of the client’s reaction.

“Really? Can he actually deliver within a short notice, say like a day?” The client asked, his face brightening on hearing this.

“Of course,” Joseph said. Now demonstrating confidence in his words.

“Can you get me his number?” The client asked.

“Actually, it would be best if I took you there,” Joseph answered, not fearing about leaving without his boss’s permission.

“Shall we go then?” The client asked, now getting excited on seeing a possible solution to his problem.

“Just a moment I get my coat,” Joseph said as he left towards the storage area.

He remembered having heard about a quarry that was located in a remote location, from one of his friends. He had never even been there, but there was no way he was going to let this opportunity pass by. If this turned out in his favor, then all his dreams would get a great starting point.

He went and inquired about the quarry from his friend, without letting him know the reason behind the query. His friend described the location to Joseph in detail.

Remembering how much hope this opportunity provided for him and his family, Joseph get even more inspired.

He returned to the office, where he had left the client.

“Sir, we can go now.” He said to the client.

They left together in the client’s SUV, and Joseph followed the directions exactly as he had been instructed by his friend until they got there.

They got there late in the afternoon.

“Good afternoon. We are here to see the boss. Is he in?” Joseph asked the security guard at the entrance.

“Do you have an appointment?” The security officer asked.

“No. But just let him know it’s Joseph. He will understand.” Joseph assured the guard.

This continues shortly….

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