Will the world miss you?

We all are here for a short while. Most times, we tend to forget that we don’t live forever. We keep postponing on doing good, saying we will do it tomorrow, or maybe the person you intend to help does not even need your help.

But have you ever had a low moment, then out of nowhere a stranger smiled at you, and then your spirits got lifted up?

Maybe they never even said a single word. Just smiling was enough to lighten your mood.

Well, what if the stranger never smiled, and decided to postpone that smile? Would your mood have been lit?

I have come to know that it is the small things that we do or fail to do, that can make or break someone.

As simple as just saying hi, saying sorry, saying thank you, etc, are enough to make someone’s day better. We are all here for a limited period of time. Life is too short to live postponing to do good.

If you were to leave right now, will the difference you will have made make you be missed? Or will people be thankful that you are actually gone?

As we go on living in this life, it is important to keep checking what value we are actually adding in life. Every day you get choices, you either wait for life to direct you, or you choose to direct it.

When you wake up, before even beginning the day’s activities, say to yourself “Today I will be better than yesterday. I will make a positive difference in someone’s life. I will live to make sure am always helping someone out. I will be an angel in someone’s life”

Suppose we all decided to live for each other? How awesome would that be?

Imagine a world with no war, no fighting, no quarrels, where people coexist in harmony. This is not an imaginary world. It is a world that’s possible if you and I decide to live for each other.

A world which will be when we decide to:

  • Understand instead of judge.
  • Help instead of blame.
  • Say thank you before we ask for more.
  • Say sorry even at times when it’s not our fault.
  • Compliment instead of criticize.
  • Uplift instead of crash.

Remember that we are all humans. Unlike animals, we can not exist alone. We are meant to be each other’s light, each other’s help, and each other’s shoulder that we can cry on.

Life’s purpose is not measured by how much you have succeeded more than another person. Life’s purpose is measured by how many souls are breathing easier because they met you.

That is the purpose of humanity. To be our brother’s/sister’s keeper.

So every day you must live like it’s your last, doing all the good you can and touching as many lives as you can. You may never know it, but you may have been the angel sent to someones’ rescue. And all you need to do to rescue the person is just smile, say hi, say sorry, say thank you, or even just look at the person.

Let us join together to restore faith in humanity, and humanity in humans so that when we are gone, our legacy will still be here for generations to come.

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