Your good deeds always comes back to you

Paul had spent almost 5 days without getting a meal. He had tried to even look for manual work to get some money to buy food, but no one would hire him. Maybe because of the clothes he wore which were worn out and dirty.

He had not always been like this. He was a waiter in a restaurant for a couple of years, but he became jobless when the hotel went bankrupt and closed down.

He tried to get a job without any success. This resulted in him to start selling off his belongings including his clothes, and that is how he ended up wearing worn-out clothes, which he just got from the garbage.

As his energy slowly faded, he decided to go to a nearby restaurant, hoping someone might have pity on him and buy for him some food.

He entered the restaurant and started getting funny looks from the customers, who started leaving on seeing him.

On seeing the customers leave, the manager became angry.

“Get out of here you beggar.” The manager shouted.

“How many times have I told you not to come here ever again?” He added angrily.

“Excuse me, sir, can I just get a cup of tea?” Paul asked, barely audible for his strength was now failing.

“I said get out. There is nothing for you here. Did you see how those customers went away when they saw you? Just go and I never wanna see you here ever again. Security, throw this beggar out”. He continued pointing at Paul.

Just before the security could throw Paul out, a middle-aged lady came in.

“Good morning.” She said to Paul, the manager and the security guy.

“Welcome ma’am, please have a seat”. The manager said courteously, as he signaled for the security guy to throw Paul out.

“Hey, why don’t you sit down and have a meal with me?” she asked Paul.

“Oh, no ma’am, he was just leaving.” The manager interjected.

“No, I really insist. I would like you to join me.” She insisted looking at Paul, who did not even have enough energy to reply.

“Ma’am, our policy does not allow us to serve such people at this hotel.” The manager said looking at Paul.

“Oh, am sorry to hear that, then I will go and look for another hotel which can serve us both.” She said looking at Paul, who was now confused.

“Okay, then both of you can leave”. The manager said showing no interest.

“Just before I leave, do you know JD Investments?” she asked the manager.

“Of course, they are my biggest client. I would have to close if I lost them as a client. How does that concern you anyway?” The manager replied.

“Well, I guess you may have to close then, because am the CEO of JD Investments. ” She said, showing her business card to the manager.

“Oh, am sorry I did not know that….”

“That I was the CEO”, she interjected the manager.

“Well you should never serve people because of their position. You should serve all people regardless of whether they are rich or poor”, she added.

“You see when I came to this city, I was a student but I was homeless and I spent many days on the street. After spending about  2 days without food, I was just shivering in the cold, when I saw a man standing before me. I feared the worst. But instead the man just smiled and said, “young lady, are you okay? I saw you shivering here. Here is some food, coffee, and some hot water to warm yourself.”

“Since that day Paul gave me food, coffee and hot water every day until the hotel he was working in was closed. I could not see him anymore. I went on finished my studies, got a job and finally opened my own business, JD Investments.” She continued.

“I have been since looking for you, with no luck. But here you are.” She said smiling at Paul.

Paul was still puzzled. He could not recognize her. She took off her specs and her hat.

“Wait, I now remember you,” Paul said recognizing her.

“You see that is why you should be always good to people” she said to the manager.

“Come on Paul, let’s go get some great food,” she said as they left.

“Actually, there is a vacant position for a relationship manager in my company, and you would be the perfect candidate for this position.” She said to Paul as they left.

“But ma’am, I do not have any training,” Paul said.

“That may be true. But what you have supersedes any training. Your kindness is more than training. Don’t worry about it. We will train you.” She assured Paul.

“Thank you so much, ma’am. How can I ever repay you?” Paul asked.

“Oh no. Thank you. You already repaid me 10 years ago. You showed me what true humanity is, in a time when I had almost lost faith in humanity.“ she said.

“And please, no more ma’am. Just call me Cate.” She said as she smiled at him.

“Okay. Thank you, Cate. May God bless you abundantly.” Paul said.

“May God bless you abundantly too,” Cate said

“Now let us grab some food first, before we get you some new clothes,” Cate said.

In life, doing good should have no condition. You should do good to everyone regardless of their position, situation or any other factor. Humanity means caring for others no matter who or where they are.

No good act will go unpaid. It will always find its way back to you.

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