Youth Start-ups – The solution to Kenya’s unemployment

As a youth, am sure of one fact in this life, I don’t have a lot of experience, especially given that experience comes with age.

Though that be the case, one thing is certain for sure, I have unlimited creativity and imagination.

And this is all I need to make it in life. You may be thinking am wrong, but I assure you it’s all that matters in life.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.

I second this opinion. As the youth, our creativity goes beyond the horizon, and so does our potential to do great things.

Think of it this way, if we decided to turn all our ideas into businesses, would we ever have unemployment in Kenya?

I believe the solution lies in the country adopting the entrepreneurial culture.

That being said, becoming an entrepreneur has nothing to do with genes, it all has to do with one’s will.

And this will start with us the youth. If we can change our mentality about employment, i.e. choose to implement our ideas, instead of focussing on looking for jobs upon completing education, then this will help the Kenyan economy become entrepreneurial.

And this is what we need to make this economy develop.

One of the main questions that come up here is, where do we start?

Well, there are a lot of areas and ways in which you can start. We will be covering ways (in later articles) in which you can become an entrepreneur.

But for now, let us just list some of the ways in which the youth can actually implement the appearing-to-be-simple ideas, and actually make a living out of it.

Below is just a tip of the iceberg that lists some of the ways and areas in which the youth can develop start-ups.

We will look in-depth at how you can actually accomplish this, in later articles:

  1. Technology start-ups
  2. Waste recycling start-ups
  3. Cleaning start-ups
  4. Old age care start-ups
  5. Doing business proposals
  6. Party/Event planner
  7. Household organizer/Interior decorator
  8. Jewelry making
  9. Desktop publisher
  10. Graphic designer
  11. Hairstylist
  12. Photographer

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Note that the listed above start-ups are just a few of what is possible if we just imagine and do it.

Therefore, do not be limited by your imagination, or what you think it’s possible.

Always remember this, everything you see in reality today, was once in someone’s imagination.

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